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Skin Rejuvenation

Sun, skin disorders, aging and even heredity can all contribute to skin irregularities on the face and elsewhere on the body. These include textural irregularities like wrinkles and acne scars, pigmentation changes like freckles, sunspots or visible blood vessels. In addition, skin may lose tone, feel less firm and lose the healthy glow that is evident in younger skin.

The aging skin can be treated with the Er-Yag laser. Extremely fine energy columns are injected into the skin, forming tiny holes which will stimulate the natural recovery process of the skin. Each time, only 25% of the skin surface is damaged, meaning that recovery will be quick.

Deeper wrinkles or deep scarring may require additional sessions, up to 3 or 4.

Dependent on the intensity of the treatment, swelling and redness may occur for a few days.

The result becomes visible after about two weeks, but the skin rejuvenation will go on after that.

You can make an exploratory appointment without obligation via the website in the  online calendar  or call the number below.

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