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These are some of the most frequent interventions

Face without surgery

  • wrinkle treatment with fillers and Botox

  • peelings for the treatment of acne and pigment disorders

Face with surgery

  • facelift by means of the MACS-lift technique (few scars and fast healing...)

  • eyelid corrections

  • eyebrow lift

  • correction of prominent ears


  • breast enlargement for larger breasts but also for remodelling after dramatic weight-loss or lactation

  • breast reduction

  • breast lift with scars around the areolae by means of the very latest prostheses and one single scar in the breast fold.

  • breast reconstruction

  • nipple correction


liposuction or liposculpture can be done in places where the skin can shrink, for example the belly, the flanks, the breeches, the inside of the knees, ...


  • Abdominoplasty involves cutting out an ellipse of skin between the pubic bone and the umbilicus. This takes with it the underlying fat and and excess skin. If necessary tightening of the muscles and liposuction may be considered at the same time.

  • Mini-abdominoplasty with a single scar above the pubic area (often combined with liposuction of the stomach area)

  • Back lift

  • Liposuction of the tummy and the hips

  • Correction of the labia minora


  • arm lift (involves taking away excess skin after weight-loss)

  • thigh lift after weight-loss

  • liposuction


  • scar correction

  • removal of benign skin conditions. Examples: cysts, warts, moles.

If your personal problem is not on this shortlist, please consult me. If you underwent an operation to lose weight (gastric banding or gastroplasty) and lost more than 20% of your weight, it is important to know that your health insurance will partly reimburse the cost of the intervention.

Breast reduction and abdominoplasty are also partly reimbursed by health insurance.

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