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Birthmarks, moles, brown spots

There are different kinds of pigment blemishes and each variety requires a separate treatment.

Birthmarks are often more deeply encased in the skin and can be removed with the Er-Yag laser, or surgically removed by cutting them out and stitching up.

Superficial brown spots are caused by sun damage or age. They can be treated with green light laser, peelings or Er-Yag laser.


  • Preparation: It is extremely important not to stimulate your pigment. So: no sun or solarium during the 3 weeks before the treatment. No self-sun or bronzing lotion either!

  • After the green light treatment, microscopic scabs may occur. They will remain a few days up till 1 week after the treatment. Cover-up make-up can be applied.

For a noncommittal exploration of your options, please feel free to make an appointment in the online agenda on this website or by calling this number:

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